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LS Tractor | R Series

R38i, R41, R50, R60

Synchro Shuttle – R38i, R41, R50, R60
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LS Tractor | R Series
Productivity in narrow working places

Higher steering angle minimizes turning radius. It gives better performance in narrow working place.

LS Tractor | R Series
EZ-shift (Optional)

Repeated go Forward and Reverse work can be done using only your fingertip. It uses Electro-power, which minimizes engine power loss.

LS Tractor | R Series

F32 x R16 with Super creeper function provides the best performance for a variety of jobs.

LS Tractor | R Series
Auto leveling system (Optional)

Auto leveling system keeps implements horizontal on uneven surfaces or steep working places.

LS Tractor | R Series

When it lifts implements, it stops PTO operation automatically to protect crops and increase work efficiency.

LS Tractor | R Series
Hydrostatic transmission (Optional)

Maximizes ease of use with effortless, clutch-less and instant speed and directional changes with a simple push of the pedals.

LS Tractor | R Series
Water proof Front Axle

Water and rust proof front axle features a strong structure and durability. It offers the best performance in paddy fields.

LS Tractor | R Series
Dash Panel

All of the important functional data is yours at a glance to keep you in better control of your tractor.

LS Tractor | R Series
Remote Control Valves

Max 3 pairs of remote valves ensure convenient use of any commercial application.

LS Tractor | R Series
Hydrostatic power steering with tilt

Makes turning easier, improves control and reduces fatigue and enhances comfort.


Category R38i R41 R50 R60
& Weight
Overall length, Bumper to link (mm) 3114 3238 3238
Overall width witd tires (mm) 1405 1582 1611 1611
Wheelbase (mm) 1674 1758 1758 1758
Overall height to top ROPS (mm) 2361 2400 2410 2410
Total weight without ballast (kg) 1350 1613 1660 1660
Tires Front 7-16 9.5-16 9.5-16 9.5-16
Rear 12.4-24 12.4-24 13.6-24 13.6-24
PTO Type (options) Independent Independent / GSP
Base speed (rpm) 540/750/1000
Hydraulic Control system (options) Position / Draft
Remote Ports (options) 4 (rear) 4 (front), 2/4/6 (rear)
Engine Engine Hp (kW) 28.3 (38) 41 (30.2) 47(35) 56 (41.6)
Rated speed (rpm) 2600 2600 2600 2600
Transmission Type (options) Synchro shuttle Synchro shuttle / HST Synchro shuttle
No. of speed 12Fx12R 32Fx16R (Synchro shuttle)
/ 3 Range (HST)
Forward Speed (Km/h) 1.25~24.3 0.16~25.3
(Synchro shuttle)
/ 0~24.1 (HST)
(Synchro shuttle)
/ 0~25.2 (HST)

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