LS Tractor | MT1 Series

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LS Tractor | MT1 Series
MT1.22, MT1.25

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LS Tractor | MT1 Series
Modern stylish design

Stylish and compact design is optimal for small farm or house operation.

LS Tractor | MT1 Series
Powerful backhoe

The available sub-frame mounted backhoe can be quickly and easily attached or removed.

LS Tractor | MT1 Series
Comfortable high-back seat

The high-back seat provides great support and comfort to reduce back pain especially when using a backhoe.

LS Tractor | MT1 Series
HST dual pedal

HST dual pedal system maximizes ease of use for changing direction and speed.

LS Tractor | MT1 Series
Excellent mower ground clearance

The mid-mount mower is easy to attach and remove, and provides a full 152mm of ground clearance.

LS Tractor | MT1 Series
Easily adjust mowing height

Adjusting the cutting height for mid-mount mower is as easy as Turning a dial.

LS Tractor | MT1 Series
440 kgf lift capacity

The 440 kgf lift capacity handles a wide range of implement.

LS Tractor | MT1 Series
Spacious flat deck

The full flat deck offers plenty of leg room and makes getting on and off the tractor a lot easier.


Category MT1.22 MT1.25
Dimensions & Weight Overall length, Bumper to link (mm) 2470
Overall width with tires (mm) 1190
Wheelbase (mm) 1425
Overall height to top ROPS/Cab (mm) 2218
Total weight without ballast (kg) 650 655
Tires Front 18×8.5-10
Rear 26×12.00-12
PTO Type Independent
Mid (rpm) *options 2500
Rear (rpm) 540
Hydraulic Control system (options) Position
Implement pump (lpm) 17.4
Category, 3 pt hitch CAT Ⅰ
Hitch lift capacity (kgf) 440
Engine Type 3-Cylinder, Indirect Injection, Water – cooled
Model Yanmar 3TNV76F Yanmar 3TNV80F
Emission Tier4
Engine Hp (kW) 21.5 (16) 24.7 (18.4)
PTO Hp 15 17.2
Rated speed (rpm) 3000
Displacement (cc) 1114 1267
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 25
Traveling system Transmission Type (options) HST
No. of speed 2 Range
Forward Speed (Km/h) 0 ~ 14.6

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