LS Tractor | J Series

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LS Tractor | J Series
J23, J27

HST – J23, J27
Gear – J23, J27
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LS Tractor | J Series
Modern stylish design

Stylish & compact design is optimal for small farm or house operation.

LS Tractor | J Series
Tier 4 interim engine (Mitsubishi)

Eco-friendly, fuel efficient engine delivers quiet, reliable performance. Rubber engine mounts reduce operator platform vibration.

LS Tractor | J Series
Large Fuel Tank

25ℓ capacity provides long operation times.

LS Tractor | J Series
Standard MID PTO

2000 RPM Mid PTO for optional height adjustable 60” mid-mount mower that produces a smooth and beautiful cut.

LS Tractor | J Series
High Velocity

High velocity (17.2km/h) among the same classes gives better productivity. ※ Max. speed – Gear type: 17.2km/h – HST type : 15.7km/h

LS Tractor | J Series
3-point hitch

Category I with a hitch lift capacity of 650kgf allows usage of a wide variety of implements.

LS Tractor | J Series
PTO On/Off switch

Turn the independent rear or mid PTO on or off with the simple and easy turn of a switch.

LS Tractor | J Series
Easy to operate

Conveniently located range and 2WD/4WD levers

LS Tractor | J Series
1 pair of remote control valves

Remote valves Offer high compatibility with various implements.

LS Tractor | J Series
Ergonomically designed control system

Easily accessible for maximum comfort and convenience.

LS Tractor | J Series
Adjustable seat with retractable seat belt

Keeps you in a comfortable and safe position for maximum control.


Category J23 J27
& Weight
Overall length, Bumper to link (mm) 2742
Overall width witd tires (mm) 1140
Wheelbase (mm) 1500
Height to top (mm) 2458
Total weight without ballast (kg) HST: 830   Gear: 875
Tires Front 6-12
Rear 9.5-16
PTO Type HST: Independent
Gear: EHC(Electro Hydraulic Controlled)
Mid (rpm) *options 2000
Rear (rpm) 540
Hydraulic Control system *options Position
Implement pump (lpm) HST: 24.3    Gear: 32.4
Category, 3 pt hitch CAT Ⅰ
Hitch lift capacity, Link end (kgf) 650
Remote ports *options 2 (rear)
Engine Type 4-Stroke, Indirect-injection, Water-cooled
Model MHI S3L MHI S3L2
Emission EPA & CARB Interim Tier4 EC Stage IIIA EPA & CARB Interim Tier4 EC Stage IIIA
Engine Hp (kW) 22.7 (16.9) 26.7 (19.9)
PTO Hp Gear: 17.0 / HST: 15.9 Gear: 20.0 / HST: 18.7
Rated speed (rpm) 2700
Displacement (cc) 1125 1318
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 25
Transmission Type Sliding Shift / HST
No. of speed F6 × R2 (Gear) / 2 Range (HST)
Forward Speed (Km/h) 1.2 ~ 17.2 (Gear) / 0 ~ 15.7 (HST)

* Note. Specifications and Designs are subject to change without prior notice.

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