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To be a leading corporation providing quality products to our customers to help them grow their business. Whether they are looking for Machinery, parts for agricultural tractors and implements or construction equipment, no matter where our customers are located and no matter what their equipment needs may be, we help them do their jobs.


Become one of the world’s leading trading companies of tractor parts, accessories and heavy equipment attachments.

Always look for different ways to improve service and best value to meet our customer’s demands with the highest standards. Because we have the right people, with the best professional development opportunities, personal growth and an excellent organizational culture.

In the coming years, we are going to be the most important business providing services at

national and international products associated with a distribution network and sales of machinery. With the right people, with the best professional development opportunities, seeking personal growth and an excellent organizational culture.

A little bit of history…….

Established in The United Kingdom in 2009, is an Organization dedicated in supplying Machinery as well as the distribution of services and parts, in order to meet the needs of customers in the agricultural and construction field, ensuring the highest levels of quality, efficiency and competitiveness, with the best value.

Our vast experience in the industry ensures that we create solutions that meet our partner’s expectations and requirements, and for the reason that we work with many types of organisations and we understand the requirement to be flexible in order to achieve the best final result.

The business scenario in the whole world is changing at a very fast pace, the development is massive and this provides us with opportunity to serve the industry in different ways. Our company is geared up for it. OUR VISION IS GLOBAL NOT JUST LOCAL.

UK International Machinery caters to the following industries:
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Environmental
  • Safety
  • Commodities
The satisfaction of our consumers is our main desire

UK International Machinery Ltd (UKIMLTD) is a modern and fast growing organisation that specialized in foreign trading around the globe; mainly it is focused on the operation of products and solutions suitable for the agricultural, construction and transport sectors but is equally committed to continuous development in other areas.

Our experience is the most important tool to set up a successful professional business network, which includes product research, logistics and distribution practices. We are committed to provide high quality and well reputed products with distinguished service to meet consumer requirements. We are proud to have an extensive network of highly skilled professionals that are ready to provide solutions.

UKIM has focused all its efforts and have the mission to provide the best supplier practices in order to satisfy requirement of industries and societies and the vision is to be the best supplier to all is clients.

Our Objectives:
  • Fulfil and accomplish customer’s expectations,
  • Full support, and decision making process with essential data and analytical Studies,
  • Continuous improvement in performance and Quality Management System,
  • Diversify and Expand group of companies activities,
  • Contribute to the progress and development of the society.
Our Strengths:
  • Accessibility: Our client can contact us at any time, with any question.
  • Financial Capacity & Stability: We offer the best trade financial solutions for our clients
  • Innovations: Always looking for new effective alternatives.
  • Reliability: Security from the beginning to the end of the operation.
  • Speed: We respond timely to inquiries of our clients keeping them informed as quickly as possible.
  • Sincerity: We know the importance of mutual profitable cooperation, and transparent business relations.
Our Solutions:
  • Import-Export though third parties orders.
  • Import- Export of Machinery, Equipment, and Industrial Plants.
  • Logistic Support
  • Financial Support


2009. Foundation

Ukim was established to create a closer partnership between the Latin America and European market.

2010. Market Developed

Ukim identifies Brazil as the most desired market to be present due to it being the largest agricultural market in South America. Successfully penetrating the market and having good acceptance of the commercialised products working alongside local dealers.

2011. Own Brand

Ukim creates its own spare parts Brand called Ukim parts.

2012. Strategic Set Up

Ukim decides to set up an operations hub in Panama due to the country’s strategic location in order to offer faster time responses in terms of product deliveries and after sales services.

2014. Expansion

The company successfully enters other Latin American markets such as Costa Rica, Chile, and Colombia.

2015. Alliances with European Suppliers

Ukim is named exclusive distributor of EU agricultural brands in Latin American markets.

2017. LS Mexico

Ukim group is successfully appointed as the exclusive distributor of Tractor brand LS in the Mexican Territory.

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